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Manca poco per AWF:

2019 Winners

Best International Web Series

Boldiouk & Bradock

Best Italian Web Series

Roar Epic

Best Short Film

A Ghost in Her Eyes

Best Feature

No Turning Back

Best Documentary

The migrants crisis in the Mediterranean

Best Pilot


Best School Movie


Best Actor

Timur Yefremenkov per Kitti’s Adventures

Best Actress

Ashton Clay per Oh Dalia

Best Comedy Web Series

The Man for Your Sins

Best Drama Web Series


Best Thriller/Horror Web Series

Genesis 88

Best Sci-fi/Fantasy Web Series


Best Director

Quentin Lewis per Magic of the Mermaid

Best Screenplay


Best Cinematography


Best Editing


Best Sound Design

Nomad 7

Best Trailer

Good Wood

Best Original Concept

Flight 69

Best Visual Fx/Animation

The One who holds Sovereignty over Everything

Best Make-up

Like Me, Like a Joker

Best Costume Design

The Worldwide Anthem

Special Prize For Peace


Young Audience Award


Best Young Actor/Actress

Mariana Lewis per Magic of the Mermaid

Women Empowerment Award

Flip the Switch

Best Production

Boldiouk & Bradock

Best Scenography

Black Hole

Best Cast

The Pantsless Detective

Lgbtq Rights Award

Sui Generis: NZ

Best Musical

The League of S.T.E.A.M.

Best Original Music

The death of Spider-Man

Green Award

The Green Challenge

Best Web Understanding

Welcome to Elsinore

Short Contest

Spot realizzato da Gianluca Ciuccio

Swap Prizes

New Zealand Web Fest


New Jersey Web Fest


Asia Web Awards

Roar Epic

Miami Web Fest

Totò e Daiana

London Short Series Festival


Caorle Independent Film Festival

Flip the Switch

Caorle Independent Film Festival

Boldiouk & Bradock

Caorle Independent Film Festival

The Power of One Coin

Caorle Independent Film Festival

Totò e Daiana

Golden Ticket Award

The Last Look

BGeek Prizes

Genesis 88 di Franc Sellers (Spain)
AFK: this World & the Next di Peter Haynes (New Zealand)
Safrom di Nicola Barnaba (Italy)
The Worldwide Anthem di Alex “Welder” Diaz (Spain)
In the Land of Wolves di Oliver Mend, Rose of Dolls (Spain)
Epic Quest di Chelsea Goodman (Canada)
Relife di Arnaldo Gabrini (Italy)
End Unsung di Rolf Lindblom (Finland)
Angst di Ioanes Sinderman (Austria)
Rap Fighter Cup di Malec (France)
Underland di A.B. Ferraz (Brazil)
Fast Heroes Sixty di Cheng Klaus Schuh (Germany)
The League of S.T.E.A.M. di Paul Hough (United States)
Boldiouk & Bradock di Théophile Mou (Belgium)
Like me, Like a Joker di Buno Carmelo Mirabella (Italy)
Totò e Daiana di Riccardo Sai (Italy)

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