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Entertainment & Music Magazine- your all-access pass to pop culture – one Click at a time. With hosts that cover red carpet premieres, festivals, and exclusive celebrity interviews. Click On This can go where ever the action is! It’s a Social Media Video Series. We cover Pop Culture one Click At A Time…

We have over 600 Webisodes on Youtube!!

We covered Sundance 2019 in late January

Look for more here:
Another webisode to watch and consider for your festival:
2018 Vans Warped Tour Interviews: Sharp Tooth, YungBlud, Doll Skin & More!
Hosts: Johnny Alonso and Neva Krauss – 13:43

The Youtube Channel can be seen here:

Our Music Interviews can be seen here:

Elena Moscatt
Sabrina Taylor-Smith, Johnny Alonso , Al Sotto, Stuart Brazell, Keleigh Nealon, Emilie Hagen, Allison Baver, Julia Lee, Candice Buenestro , Krysten Klipa, Tracey Fairaway

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