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I Resign

United States

“I Resign” is the first public short film about Institutional Racism that received over 343,000 views on Youtube within 7 days! It is alarming to note that anti-national, anti-constitutional ideas of racism and race superiority are spreading fast in the land of freedom, especially in enterprises, threatening the very own foundation this great country was built upon. This short film is a look into the question – Is racism spreading in United States now?
The short film and its makers have gained a wide followerbase of over 35,000 people, who would be excited to know about the inroads this little film is making and each film festival it gets nominated would be an exciting avenue of interest for our followers. Our team of 7 would be excited to be present during the film festival premiere event and network. We are also excited in supporting the festival in any way we can if there is an opportunity.

Jay Mohan
Manoj Pillai

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