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The Bottom Turn


In rural Java, fourteen year old Eka’s only passion is catching waves which her brutal father believes is shameful for a young woman and beats her for it, until her mother helps her leave home to undertake a journey of thousands of kilometres to Bali where she spends four years training for a trial that could win her a pro team place. To give her best, she needs to break through the psychological barrier instilled by her father and take motivation from the belief and sacrifice of her mother whom he beat to death after Eka left. She succeeds, impressing the international manager of a major surf brand but her joy is short lived as she must immediately face more and even greater tragedy in her short life…

Mike McDougall
Cinta Hansel, Troy Arrington, Taina Izquierda, Erkia Herbert, Bima Kabariani, Suspian Kabariani, Matthew Haymes, Enay Haymes, LIly Haymes , Jhony Tucker, Lisa Ngibar, Jenny Hansel, Eka Jayanti, Iman Syah
English, Indonesian

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