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Terlizzi, the city hosting the AWF

Terlizzi is a town of about 27,000 inhabitants in the province of Bari, in Puglia. It is 30 km north-west of the capital. It has been called the city of flowers, considering the importance of the nursery activity for the economy of the town, it is in fact among the first and most important floricultural centers in Italy. The origins of Terlizzi date back to the 6th century AD, although the first concrete evidence of its existence dates back to the Donation of Wacco (VIII century), Lombard feudal lord who donates to the Monastery of Montecassino the farmhouse in Trelicio at that time surrounded by Mediterranean scrub and oaks (quercus ilex). From this it derives, plausibly, the toponym Trelicium or more widely, in the oldest parchments, Terlicium, equivalent to terra ilicium, locus inter ilicia, “land of oaks” or “place placed among the oaks”. After the Byzantine domination, starting from the XI century Terlizzi is part of the sphere of influence of Giovinazzo, under the rule of the Norman Count Amico, architect of the fortifications in both cities (and in Terlizzi, of the mighty castle with three towers in the city coat of arms), at that time still identified as a castellum. In 1123 it acquired the title of city. Auctioned in 1778 by the Royal Chamber of the Sommaria by order of King Francis I of Bourbon, the citizens of Terlizzesi, including the Baron scholar Ferrante de Gemmis, not to fall again under the feudal servitude of the probable buyer the Duke Carafa of Andria, promoted feudal redemption by paying 90,000 ducats to the royal court in 1779 and Terlizzi became a state-owned city. This sum, however, not being in the availability of the University of Terlizzi, was lent by Baron Gennaro Rossi of Naples who had mortgaged all the feudal bodies of Terlizzi including the castle, was repaid over a century and a half with many difficulties and judicial vicissitudes closed even in 1930.

How to reach us

Terlizzi is served by a station on the Bari-Barletta railway, run by the Ferrotramviaria, which follows the layout of the previous steam tram. The Barinord railway connects directly the city of Terlizzi both to the large stations such as Bari and Barletta, and to the Karol Wojtyla International Airport of Bari Palese, which is just 20 minutes by train from the city.

For those traveling by car from north or north, on the A14 follow the signs to Bari and exit at Molfetta.

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