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Stazione 47

Stazione 47 is a Factory, a container of large shared spaces for the creation and exchange of ideas.
It houses a two-year Academy of Visual Arts with different fields of study, numerous certified courses and seminars, face-to-face and blended workshops.

Stazione 47 is a training institution in which constantly evolving courses are designed to meet the needs of learners and respond to the offer of the labour market.

It offers courses with a view to continuous learning, fostering creativity and stimulating the entrepreneurial spirit.

Stazione 47 is constantly engaged in the search for partnerships and collaborations to guarantee and support the sharing of knowledge.

A 2-storey building, large classrooms crossed by the light that penetrates through the large windows and a large terrace surrounded by the beauties of the historic centre of Lecce, full of history and baroque.

8 large classrooms, shared spaces, a terrace for laboratories, photographic and film sets, open-air events.
500 sqm of future dreams, emotions, ideas that come to life with ease and enthusiasm

500 sqm ready to host talents, meetings and clashes of perspectives, fun and commitment.

Stazione 47 was born from a dream shared between Pamela Morgagni and Giusiana Ferrucci. Dreamers, passionate, attentive, scrupulous, dedicated and in love with an ad hoc project and the space in which it took shape.

Stazione 47 is in Lecce, in Via Mario Bernardini, 29.

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