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Official selection 2019

Ajuste de Cuentas

Ajuste de Cuentas
Web / New Media

Ajuste de Cuentas is a story of revenge, ghosts of the past, returning to cause nightmares. We take one of the modern myths, the history of Bonnie and Clyde, and we move it to the present time, to Madrid and its suburbs.
An unnamed couple returns to the city to put an end to the debts of the past, to bring chaos to the organization that caused them to flee the city in 2006. Meanwhile, in the organization, a young man has been gaining power, being now the leader’s right hand, becoming the most feared man in the underworld.

Pedro Luis Ruiz Rivas
Alina Nastase, Fernando Urbelúa, Jaime López, Saúl Rodriguez, Franz Gómez, Javier Saiz, Javier Ruiz, Almudena Salort
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