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Americans Abroad

United States

Americans Abroad is a mockumentary-style parody of a travel series that follows the exploits of an inept travel show host and her sarcastic unpaid intern, as they attempt to travel the globe without a budget. 

 The host is outraged in the pilot episode when she find out that the “world class travel show”, supposed to be her big career break, had an unpaid intern for her camera person, video editor and overall crew.
The comedy is fueled by the host’s endearing cluelessness and delusional boastfulness, her intern’s sarcastic commentary and many misunderstandings about travel, culture, and life itself.

The irony is that often then host’s quirks prevent them from actually seeing the sites of the featured destination, even though it’s supposed to be a travel show.

Despite the intern’s warnings, the host continues to get herself into trouble, including her Titanic parody moment where she stands on the railing of the ship shouting “I’m Queen of the World” and falls overboard, lost at sea for 3 days before washing up on shore in the Mystery Island episode.

Later in the season, the little budget they had is slashed even more and the intern has to trick the host into thinking she’s traveling abroad when they are actually still in the United States.

Georginna Feyst, Natalia Bortolotti
Georginna Feyst, Georginna Feyst

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