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Ettù Parànu – Dove suonano ancora le vallate

Ettù Parànu - Dove suonano ancora le vallate

“What is a sound? When does it become music?”. And when does a song become tradition? “Ettù parànu” investigates the valleys in search of the Greek musical tradition of Calabria by giving voice to some interpreters who continue to lend their legs, ears and hands to this heritage.Pantaleone Danilo Brancati, a young musician from the hellenophone area, guides the story between personal memories and dialogues. His being an integral part of that world has opened the doors to all of us on the essence of “krùma”, a concept that includes both musical performance, as well as conviviality, as well as the link with the past, as well as artistic ecstasy.
From the words, images and sounds of “Ettù parànu” emerges a musical world closely linked to memory and the past but, by its very nature, as an expression of a community still alive though ignored, that continues in its creativity.

Davide carbone
Pantaleone Danilo Brancati
Italian, Modern Greek (1453-)

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