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Liga da Mata

This is an animation project that seeks to work with environmental educational and also with social educational. Transforming differences into coexistence. We approach indigenous, urban and rural social causes balancing as a whole the humanity with nature.
After the murder of a tapir in the forest by unscrupulous hunters, the angry shaman evokes the sleeping spirits of the forest.
The shaman receives the mission of choosing new guardians for the forest, for this receives the aid of a mascot, the Gralha.
At a city school, children are chosen to assist in this mission. Take care of humanity and the environment. They take body characters like Saci, Iara, Boto, Fulozinha and Curupira.
The League of Mata is formed!
Guided by the shaman and guided by the spirit of the tree they will fight against the ills of society and also against powerful enemies like Cuca, Werewolf, Dry Body, Maria Caninana, led by the terrible Anhangá.
In addition to Humans themselves who insist on destroying the environment by disrespecting nature without realizing that humanity is at risk.
An engaging adventure that brings Brazilian folklore back to the popular imagination.

Sergio Kalili

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