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Genesis 88 – Second season

Génesis 88 - Segunda temporada
Web / New Media

After the unfortunate incident which causes the death of Ulises Destrosa and also makes Eugen Doriel being persecuted by justice, Juan Cigarra is assassinated by a “sicario” under command of his Eminence, who has not ceased in his will to eliminate Eugen and all those who protect him. On the other hand, Confederación Mendizábal and Jerónimo Graco seal a pact: They need Eugen alive to finally materialize the lucrative business for which it was created. Now the swords are drawn and the different sides created in Las Maracas around the mysterious figure of Eugen will not surrender until they reach their goals. The war is served …

Franc Sellers
Joan Rovira, Maika Tenas, Jordi París, Adan Mateo, Estela Canal, Frank Díaz, Montse Masó, Gabi Gel, Lluís Fancelli, Lourdes Folgarona, Laura Oliver, Marià Manzanares, Santi Clavell, Ramon Reyes, Pablo Frederich, Jordi Porta

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