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In Famiglia all’improvviso – And it was suddenly a member of the family

In Famiglia all'improvviso

Fernando is a not-so-young director who earns a living by driving a taxi while waiting for his next opportunity. After a few disappointing projects he finally receives an offer for a good one: to make a documentary that shows the impact that lung cancer has on a family and their daily life. Reluctantly he accepts and because he has a very limited budget for the documentary, he is forced to cast unsuccessful aspiring actors who, like him, do other jobs to make ends meet.
To fine-tune the screenplay and start shooting, he settles with the actors in the villa where the engineer Carlo, the patient, together with his wife Linda, a lawyer, and his son Lorenzo, a film lover who inspired the idea of the documentary, live.
In the midst of initial mistrust, moments of irony and emotional moments a journey of mutual discovery begins for the two groups, the family and the actors. With fear and hope in their heart they increasingly become involved in the different stages of the treatment that Carlo has to undergo.
The experience will raise awareness among the characters about the disease, their projects, the value and the real priorities in life.

Christian Marazziti
Christian Marazziti, Federico Tocci, Fabrizio Nardi, Silvia Mazzotta, Angelica Massera, Andrea Amato, Diego Tricarico, Nico Di Renzo, Maurizio Mattioli, Pierluigi Stella , Gianluca Brundo

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