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La Supercafetera (Season 8)

ShortWeb / New Media

Three friends share a very special coffee maker: instead of coffee, it produces pin badges which give superpowers to those who wear them. By using these superpowers, the three geeks get involved in a quest that will eventually take them to a postapocalyptic future and back again to the present, where they stopped the future they’ve seen. After the practical annihilation of the human race, Laura and the other survivors face a hostile and dying world. Ramiro and Pedro were at the centre of the explosion that ended everything and the debate whether they were the cause of it or the heroes who tried to stop has created sides.

Vektorjack, HD Carlos
Ana del Arco, Irene Escalada, Xavi Fontana, Elena Guevara, Hector Carballo, Nacho Ortega

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