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Like Me, Like a Joker – The Joker web series (Second Season)

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Like me, like a joker tells about the events in the dark Gotham City, seen from the point of view of the main Batman’s rival, the Joker. Through the past, the present and the future, we’ll discover the fate of heroes and villains, linked by a common theme: madness.The Web Series will include Seven Episodes for this second season, subtitled in English.

The production company is Burattini Senza Fili, a no profit cultural association, active in Catania from 2006, with theatrical and cinematographical independent productions. His founder and show runner is the young director Bruno Carmelo Mirabella, also founder of Burattini Senza Fili.

Bruno Carmelo Mirabella
Salvo Sally Cosentino, Bruno Carmelo Mirabella, Noemi Sava, Nicola Diodati, Camillo Sanguedolce, Giuseppe Carbone, Gabriele Pappalardo, Enzo Sasso, Bryan Thompson, Robert Gabriel, Flavio intravia , Giuseppe Rapisarda , Silvio Rapisarda , Daniele Di Stefano, Manuela Grimaldi, Stefania Distefano, Tanya Fiandaca, Valentina Bonacoscia, Alessandro Muraca, Giuseppe Barbagallo, Francesco Foti, Salvo Gulisano, Teresa Micarelli, Enrico Falcone, Vito Damigella, Antonio Starrantino, Denise De Gregorio, Myriam Magno, Margherita Bonvino, Oscar Lisi, Amerigo D'Antoni, Flavio Iraci, Isidoro Grasso, Cristina Forte
English, Italian

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