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Mona Lisa Cowboy (Part 1~7)

United States
Web / New Media

Living abroad can be a curse or a blessing. Playfully reflecting on misunderstandings, surprise encounters and the vagaries of an expat life, MONA LISA COWBOY tells the universal story of wanderers, living between comedy and drama as they straddle cultures.
The backstory of the YUKATA COWBOY series, MONA LISA COWBOY is a dramatic comedy about two estranged Chinese twins brought together by a Japanese-American cowboy in Paris.

Co-starring Chinese-French actress Xin Wang from hit series “Ex-Model” and creator Atsushi Ogata (as Yukata Cowboy).

Atsushi Ogata
Xin Wang, Atsushi Ogata, Ivan Selllier, Philippe Pillavoine
Chinese, English

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