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Nomad 7

Nomade 7
TelevisionWeb / New Media

Daniel, an addicted playboy, after being killed by drug dealers, comes back to life. Daniel begins to hear voices and starts thinking he is crazy. After coming back from the dead, he starts to see life differently. He meets Liz, a college classmate who already noticed him from afar. They fall in love. While building a relationship with the voice, he faces his fears and becomes stronger. With a cold personality, the voice is unaware of any emotion. The relationship Daniel / Nomad concentrates on a single character the clashes: Reason x Emotion and Science x Believes.

Flavio Langoni
Felipe Dutra, Renata Ricci, Victor Soares, Daniel Bouzas, Yuri Farage, Gabriela Furlan, Paulo Mileo, Camila Meurer, Murici Lima, Júlio César Ferreira, Regiana Antonini, Roberto Bento, Suail Rodrix, Mariângela Marques, Luana Salazar, Alex Teix, Claudio Albuquerque, Carol D'Mohr, César Carnevale, Luciano Santos, Raphael Moura, Igor Lima

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