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Quick Fix

United Kingdom

Quick Fix follows one week in the life of Suzie. Lazy, late, screen-obsessed and hungry for cash, she doesn’t want to work hard at anything, least of all her job. After she’s fired from her job at the restaurant, she steals the tip jar and makes a mad dash home to plan out what to do next with her trusty housemate, Joe and confident mate, Mimi. We follow her day by day as lies escalate, responsibilities are dodged, and a strange series of events lead her far from where she began. We soon see just how far Suzie will go to run away from her problems, all in the name of making some cold hard cash.

Brad Watson
Jessica Chamberlain, Rory Murphy, Abigail Parmenter, Rachael Oriowo, Rhys Yates, David Hopper

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