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SWIPE is a seven-part drama series about the influence and unforeseen consequences of smartphones on the lives of several twentysomethings, told from the perspective of their phones.
In #eyewitness, Karim accidentally captures a horrible accident with his phone camera and then starts to suspect there was foul play involved…
In #wordshine, Casper meets someone through a word-game app and falls in love… he decides to go find this mysterious Jaymi92.
In #instafamous, Lara desperately wants to become an Instagram influencer and make tons of money. If only her boyfriend could help her out a bit more.
In #viralvideo, Maarten loves creating funny videos at work, but at whose expense?
In #dating, Caty finds that the search for true love is neverending with Tinder constantly proposing new perfect matches.
In #surpriseparty, Janice creates a WhatsApp group with all of Ellemieke’s friends, so they can organize a surprise birthday party for her. But tensions soon mount in the chat group…
In #tagged, the pilot episode, and an award winning short film, Elise, a 14 year old girl, slowly loses control of all the posts and updates sent to her high school friends about the party she has been to. Her phone changes from being her best friend into her worst enemy.

All characters in SWIPE collide and interconnect in subtle ways throughout the episodes, creating an encompassing story about today’s twentysomethings and the impactful role smartphones play in their lives.

The entire series can be viewed in this Vimeo album (password: hashtag):
Alternatively, watch selected episodes here separately:
#tagged (pilot):

Martijn Winkler
Roy Kaneza, Mitch Wolterink, Marloes IJpelaar, Pim van Hövell, Valéry van Gorp, Anouk van Egmond

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