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The death of Spider-Man

Hanno Ucciso L'Uomo Ragno
ExperimentalFeatureOtherStudentWeb / New Media

Suburbs of the Veneto region. A group of friends get bored and spend their evenings playing cards, playing with the xbox and smoking. The routine is boring and repetitive, so one of them, Paolo, decides to leave and go to work in Holland, together with an old friend. Here, things seem to improve. But even if the environment seems different and the place most welcoming, the protagonist is screwed back into a boring and repetitive routine. Back home, he knows a girl who, perhaps, will subvert the whole situation.
Comedy / Drama
This film is not very definable. It is taken from facts that actually happened even if narrated through a film filter. “The death of Spider-Man” is a collection of styles and stories. You switch from one language to another in a few scenes. Language is cinematic, but the shots are like a youtuber. The story is fragmented like a reportage or a documentary, but the cohesion of the story is like a fiction. The backstage is the external world that constantly enters the non-fiction of the scenes. There isn’t a script but only a basic narrative line: there isn’t much preparation, improvisation is always present.

Paolo Pandin
Diego Ghirardi, Luca Tomasella, Vittoria Bertipaglia, Nicholas Borean, Davide Gimondo, Why Not Loser

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