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Official selection 2019

The migrant crisis in the Mediterranean

United Kingdom

Aboard the rescue vessel Aquarius, I joined for over 3 weeks the crews of the NGOs ‘Doctors Without Borders’ and ‘SOS Mediterranee’ off the Libyan shores. During those weeks, the Aquarius was the only rescue ship in the Search&Rescue area.In this 21 minute feature, migrants just rescued from sea and humanitarian workers explain why stopping the work of the NGOs won’t solve the migration crisis. And why ‘the moment a migrant reaches the coast and jumps in a boat, it’s already too late.” The documentary shows the danger of the rescue operations, the tragedy of the people who died while attempting to cross the sea and the encounters with the C-Star, the ship charted by the far-right group Defend Europe to disrupt the rescues.

Arabic, English, French
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