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The Worldwide Anthem

El Himno Mundial
FeatureOtherWeb / New Media

“El Himno Mundial” (translated “The Worldwide Anthem”)
Spanish web series by the basque team “Stonewood Estudio”.

Genere: Road Movie, Aventure, Dramedy, Social Sci-Fi.

In a lonely corner of the continet, near the sea of ashes, it´s the town of Nordur, where Dr.Milo works as a surgeon. Milo has a miraculous talent for surgery, but due to the post-war scenario with the neighboring country the fame and recognition that he believes he deserves is lacked. In addition, the country is being hit by a recently appeared disease: The Mist of War. This disease kills randomly, without following any order or choice. Milo manages a study in which he tries to eradicate it, but the last agent for a cure is in a missing patient of him. Following his trail, Milo must travel throughout the continent with his best friend, Peril, a matey soldier; Von Hams, a former musician who joined the army to survive; and Alicia, an elite soldier of the military police. This will be a journey with which Milo will discover the meaning of redemption, sacrifice and what gives to the “hero” it´s name.

Alex "Welder" Díaz
Ander Garcia, Marcos Crespo, Iñaki Quintana, Haizea Suarez, Arturo "Furgo" Pulido

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