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Totò e Daiana

Totò e Daiana
United Kingdom

London based Italian actors and writers Anna Elena Pepe and Marco Gambino are launching the original and very funny sketch comedy called “Totò and Daiana (Calcio, Caffè e Fish & Chips)”.
The series is written in collaboration with renewed Italian Author Ciccio Bozzi (writer and collaborator of the famous comedian Fiorello), directed by Riccardo Sai, and set in London.

Totò (interpreted by Marco Gambino) is a renowned chef from Palermo who has worked in London for more than 30 years. Daiana (Anna Elena Pepe) is a hairdresser from Ferrara who has just moved to England.
One day their very different lives meet by chance in a Sicilian restaurant in London, when Daiana suddenly storms in. She urgently needs to find a television to watch the match of her city’s team, SPAL, back in Serie A (the premier league) after 50 years.
It is the beginning of a strange friendship between two very different characters. They are different in age, social status and provenance, but united by the common fate of being Italians abroad… and united by Brexit.
Totò will involuntarily turn into Daiana’s “Pygmalion” and will introduce her to the new city and life. At the same time, thanks to Daiana, Totò will start seeing the world with a new light and will regain some of the enthusiasm he had lost after so many years of immigrant life.
The series develops through the stories of the many Italians abroad (the search for a job, a place to live and the fascinating relationship with a city like London and its inhabitants).

Riccardo Sai
Marco Gambino, Anna Elena Pepe

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