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Utopia Planitia S1

United States

Cala Rodriguez, Dar Pallas, and Phoebe Nott share two things in common: they are colonists on the only Martian settlement, Utopia Planitia and their jobs (reporter, police officer, and company agent) require them to investigate mysteries for a living. After meeting Cala in a seedy refugee sector bar, a Utopia Planitia Corporation executive drops dead the next morning. Though the death is pinned on natural causes, the instincts of these three individuals will lead to investigations that may unravel utopia.

George Reese
Nelle June Anderson, Kendra Alaura, Jamel S. Anderson, Elora Riley, Gabi del Moral, Andres S. Parra, Cynthia Uhrich, Damon Fichter, Bill Cooper, Caris Vujcec, Reyna Rios, Demi Adediran, Delinda "Oogie" Pushetonequa

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