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VALERIANAS tells the story of Duda, Mila and Carla, strong women who work as waitresses in a bar in the interior of Brazil. After feeling diminished by a client, Duda Stands up for herself on the abandoned bar stage. Seeing the tip increase unexpectedly, they realize a new opportunity to earn more money, but the dance also brings consequences. Duda has to find her own strength and deal with the idealistic dreams she built for herself, Mila has to decided how far she’ll go to conquer her own dream of becoming a mother and Carla has to deal with the memories of her abusive relationship from the past to have a better future. While they figure out how to make profit with the dance, they have to overcome the obstacles of their own personal lives.
According to the regulation on film freeway, we have to send 3 episodes, but there is not enough space in the form. Therefore, we have uploaded episode 02 on film freeway, but we have also uploaded all 4 episodes YOUTUBE, and we are putting all the links, right under here:

Ep 01:

Ep 02:

Ep 03:

Ep 04:

Renan Amaral
Fran Mattoso, Gabrielle Novello, Dani Barbosa

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