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Wrestlove – L’amore combattuto


Monica and Karim, the first couple of Italian wrestlers in the United States. Miss Monica, stage name of Monica Passeri – 24 years old – at her early age moved from Caprara, a small town in Abruzzo, to Missouri together with his partner Karim Bartoli, also a professional wrestler who fights under the name of Karim Brigante – 25 years old, Roman, but Abruzzese by adoption. Once left Italy, they attended the most important Wrestling academy in Troy, Missouri – the Harley Race Wrestling Academy – which allowed them to build an international career: from World League Wrestling they managed to reach the flagship show of WWE and National Wrestling Alliance, memorable federation owned by the rockstar Billy Corgan. Partners in life and in the ring, they travel alone to defend their titles in American indie circuits. During their stay in Abruzzo they pay homage to the statue of Bruno Sammartino – “The Living Legend”, an icon for American wrestling – in Pizzoferrato, his homeland. Besides defending their titles, in Italy they also see doctors and have some medical tests done, because of the very expensive American treatments. Monica meets her family again, while Karim has to deal with his past but there is very little time before they need to leave again.

Cristiano Di Felice
Monica Passeri, Karim Bartoli
English, Italian

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