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Breathing Wood. Beyond Xylella [ITA Legno VIvo. Xylella, oltre il batterio]

Legno Vivo. Xylella, oltre il batterio

They have gone through centuries of history, have fed generations of Mediterranean people. In ancient Greece the death penalty was imposed for those who felled an olive tree. In Apulia those who do not cut down the olive trees risk heavy fines, attacks and retaliations. Why is all this happening? Is it because bacterium Xylella? Is their eradication the only solution? And what would be the risks if we lose them? The journalists Elena and Francesca asked scientists and farmers, lawyers and doctors, journalists and teachers. Professors and citizens committed to saving those olive trees that are synonymous with the culture and identity of the entire Puglia population. The question of the Xylella bacterium goes well beyond the destiny of an agricultural sector that is the pride of Made in Italy. Here the olive trees are a garrison against desertification, drought and hydro geological instability. They preserve precious water reserves and guarantee biodiversity, a priceless naturalistic and landscape heritage and a source of income for many families.
What consequences do the spraying with pesticides imposed by law on human health and the environment? To find out, Elena and Francesca have also been to Spain, in the province of Almeria, where intensive and superintensive crops have taken hold since the 1990s.

Pas: VivaLaPuglia2020


Film has ENGLISH subs (srt) for italian and spanish parts

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+39 3384763772

Filippo Bellantoni
Francesco Mastroleo, Vandana Shiva, Pietro Perrino, Patrizia Gentilini, Stefano Mancuso, Luigi Russo, Margherita D'Amico, Margherita Ciervo, Agostino Di Ciaula, Marco Nuti
English, Italian, Spanish

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