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Il festival

Apulian Web Fest is a kermesse dedicated to digital cinema and the Mediterranean Land! Web 2.0 has brought the much desired meritocracy in the audiovisual sector.
On TV and in the cinema we already have new players born right on the net.
This festival will give us, besides awarding the best audiovisual product the opportunity to learn about the thought and talent of young artists grown up in ​​the world.
Our event will be focused on the uniqueness of the Mediterranean zone, which since the dawn of humanity has been a bit of the cradle of civilization and then immediately a crossroads of intense trade and cultural meetings.
For this we would like to return to talk about the Mediterranean of Peace.

We will also give ample space to the enogastronomic and landscape peculiarities of this region, enhancing its resources. For this the payoff of our festival will be AUDIOVISUALS, PEACE AND FOOD!

La location

Lecce è tra le più belle città d’arte del Sud Italia. Nota come “la Firenze del Sud”, le sue antichissime origini messapiche e i resti archeologici della dominazione romana si mescolano alla ricchezza e all’esuberanza del barocco, tipicamente seicentesco, delle chiese e dei palazzi del centro.

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