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Boldiouk & Bradock

Boldiouk & Bradock
Web / New Media

Boldiouk, a young film writer, is absolutely unable to finish the stories he’s writing. Cursed by a mysterious sorceress, he gets stuck in a fantastic and scary world populated by his unfinished creations : The Schpountz. With Bradock’s help, a crazy impulsive guy with strange hair, will Boldiouk be able to face the dangers of the Schpountz and get home safe and sound?

Théophile Mou
Loïc BUISSON, Alexandre HERAULT, Zoé COUTENTIN, Luc Van GRUNDERBEEK, Benoît VERHAERT, Anthony MOLINA-DIAZ, Noya DALEM, Florence ROUX, Mei DUMONT, Sarah Joseph

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